What does it means a “pizzeria related with the True Neapolitan Pizza Association”?

In 1984 Antonio Pace and Lello Surace gathered the most important and renowned pizza makers
of the time to summarize the basic rules for recognizing a True Neapolitan Pizza and differentiate it from the many other existing varieties. Since then, it was born the Verace Neapolitan Pizza Association (AVPN) whose mission is to promote and protect the true Neapolitan pizza in Italy and around the world according to the characteristics described in the international specification. The Verace Neapolitan Pizza is soft and fragrant with a swollen (1-2 cm) and thin cornice in the center. It is a highly digestible product thanks to a long leavening and above all thanks to maturation.

Acquaefarina has been a verace pizzeria since 2017 and Klaus Palumbo, a verace pizza chef, holds the role of Brand Ambassador for Trentino Alto-Adige. 

His task as delegate of the AVPN is to verify and promote the authenticity of the Verace Pizza in the area according to the rules of the ancient Neapolitan tradition.

Why is it not possible to make changes to the pizzas?

Each pizza is studied in detail: the quality of the excellent products and the imagination of the pizza makers and chefs are the result of technique, knowledge and passion. 
The choice of oils is also very important, each pizza is paired with an oil that enhances the overall taste. The oil is added only at the end of cooking, so that the taste and aroma remain unchanged.

How long do I have to wait to eat my pizza?

Cooking pizza is a crucial moment to bring a product to the table in a perfect way.
For this reason, we bake a maximum of 3 pizzas at a time. There will never be long to wait, but only the right time to enjoy a pizza with an optimal texture and flavor.

If you didn't like something, help us to improve.

Your opinion is fundamental, we like to listen to you and improve ourselves. 
At the end of your experience, come to the counter or discuss your feelings with the staff. Talking verbally is essential to understand your impressions and keep us growing.