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our reportages, our thousand smiles
and our runs to the airport
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Greatest Of All Time

Our experiences with chefs, our reports, our thousand smiles and our runs to the airport

Un’Estate da BelvedeRe

The most awaited musical event of the 2021 summer in Campania

This edition of "Un'Estate da BelvedeRe" could not have closed so better. Great music for great emotions. Review the best moments of these nights

50 TOP Pizza

The main event of the Guide to the Best Pizzerias in the World in 2021, @ Identità Golose in Milan

The most exciting moments of the 2021 edition and the awarding - in the third consecutive year - of Francesco Martucci and his pizzeria "I Masanielli" in Caserta.

Lamborghini experience

A kind of magic with Francesco Martucci from “I Masanielli”

An island, the August sun, the sound of the best engines and all the taste of the pizzas of the number 1 in the world, Francesco Martucci

EGO Festival


Taranto. During the three days of the event and throughout the planning, we took care as official media partner of all the online content, pre, during and post!

100 Eccellenze di Forbes


In the spaces of MAXXi - National Museum of Arts, the presentation of the 1st edition of the Guide "100 Italian Excellence 2020" signed by So Wine So Food in collaboration with Forbes Italy.

The Best Chef 2019


Let's try to make you relive an experience of strong emotions! There are noisy sounds, confused noises and deafening silences. Our adventure, lived behind the scenes with The Best Chef family in Barcelona!

Pizza Expo 2019


The fantastic Maria Carolina Gardens. The warmth of Caserta. The best pizzerias in Campania. The artists of national and international fame. It was a spectacular 5 days.

The Best Chef 2018


From the interviews with the best chefs in the world to finding ourselves catapulted into the event with all the planning, from graphics to video. An indelible experience.



We are F****ing Different!

Road Trippin in Netherlands 2:54

Between Amsterdam, Cadzand and what not, we find ourselves wandering around the Netherlands to report on our experience. Check this out!

Road Trippin in Cracow  1:36

A trip to Krakow! Excitement and fun, as always in the company of The Best Chef Awards crew!

Road Trippin in Japan 13:09

Our week full of excitement in Japan! Just before everything that unfortunately happened occurred. From Koyasan through Ginza, walking on the streets of Istanbul with its bright colors.

Road Trippin in Spain 2:49

Let’s relive all the Factory adventures with THE BEST CHEF crew! Let’s start with the most significant perhaps, among the first ever! A tour where we changed 2 planes, 1 bus and grinded miles and miles, from Barcelona to Madrid. Here David Munoz and Paolo Casagrande of Lasarte!

Road Trippin in Milan 1:55

It’s 5 a.m. Flash reportage with the first light of dawn from chef Davide Oldani. Great emotions, great creativity!

Road Trippin in Wien 3:48

The first trip to Austria! We went to visit Francesco Calò, eclectic pizzai/chef, second for two consecutive years to 50top europe. A cool climate but warmed by their great professionalism and humanity.